, Surf Air, Oniracom and StartupSB present a look at the world of virtual reality.

According to Goldman Sachs, virtual reality and its cousin augmented reality, which shows up in things like Microsoft’s HoloLens, will be a $35 billion annual industry by 2025 – Business Insider

From entertainment to education to social impact and commerce, we’ll explore the business landscape surrounding Virtual Reality.

Join an amazing panel of virtual reality companies, and professionals including:

Shel Israel 
Author of The Fourth Transformation and many other books including Twitterville.

Elijah Allan-Blitz 
Director of the film Defying The Nazis VR and recent winner of the best animated and best educational VR experience at CES. 

Dirk Wallace 
Producer & Director: Former Head of VR for RYOT/HuffPost, Has directed concerts in VR, several Conan Obrien shows in VR, and a Master Class on Directing in VR 

Matthias Pusch 
Co-Founder: WorldViz
Matthias has 16 years of hands-on experience in VR engineering, marketing and sales. A native of Germany, he has extensive knowledge of international VR markets and their evolving segments. Prior to founding WorldViz, Matthias provided strategic consulting services to the high tech industry as an Associate at McKinsey & Company.

John Lucchetti 
VP, Client Partnerships at Oniracom  

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