Frequently Asked Questions

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What is StartupSB?

We are an organization created to help foster the Santa Barbara Startup Community by celebrating, networking and connecting startups and entrepreneurs in the Santa Barbara Area.

What are the future plans for StartupSB?

StartupSB will continue to provide a forum for entrepreneurs and startups to grow, learn, connect, network and celebrate our communities successes and failures.

We will continue to host monthly events and demo nights.

We’ll also continue to be involved in Startup Weekend’s as well as other collaborative events like Hackathons.  Our goal is also to partner with other local organizations to produce amazing events.

We’ll also be continuing to develop our membership offerings and website to bring additional benefits and online functionality to StartupSB members.

How do I access the Member Benefits?

You can access the member benefits in the members area of the website.

Want to get in on StartupSB benefits?  Join as a Member Now!

How can I participate in a StartupSB Demo Night?

Contact StartupSB if you are interested in presenting.  We are always looking for great startups to present, but also give priority to StartupSB members.

If I am purchasing a membership now, do I only get access to 2014 events?

Your membership is good for a year from the time of purchase.  In 2015 we’ll have another series of events, so if you are registering mid year, don’t be alarmed, you’ll get to attend a year’s worth of events.

What does my membership payment go to?

Money made from event registration and memberships goes towards creating better events, food, drinks, fees, logistics, equipment needed for events, and staffing.  StartupSB is also hoping to pool future funds to support the efforts of Santa Barbara based startups.

Why should I become a paying member of StartupSB?

StartupSB Memberships save you money on events, get you access to members only content, and access to a number of benefits aimed at helping entrepreneurs and startups.

You will also be a part of a great community of entrepreneurs who support StartupSB.  All members will also have future access to a members only facebook group and future benefits.

When will my membership be renewed?

Your membership will be automatically renewed on the anniversary date of the day you purchased it.

How do I present my startup, or have it featured at an event?

We are always looking for interesting startups to present at our events and demo nights.  If you are interested please contact StartupSB.

How do I RSVP for an Event?

Currently all event registration is done through  We are in the process of creating our own event registration system on, and will be using this as soon as it’s ready!

What is the Event Series?

StartupSB is producing a 10 event series for 2014, including 2 Demo Nights.  These events will require a paid admission.
We are also looking to organize other casual mixers and happy hours, as well as co-produced events with other organizations.

Read more about the 2014 Event Series.

Your events were free. Why is there now a charge for events?

StartupSB started as a casual meetup group. The based group is now 1000+ members.  As we grow we need to improve membership functionally, communications and our events.  This requires staffing and much more time from our team.

We also realize we are creating the most well attended and engaging entrepreneurial events in the Santa Barbara area.  As a comparison we are still the most affordable event on the central coast, and provide the most value for Santa Barbara area entrepreneurs.